Whether you are a beginner or very experienced, if you live in or are visiting the Hampshire area then Ellingham is the place to wakeboard. You all know that to wakeboard well you need  flat water so what better place than a sheltered lake which only runs one boat at a time. If you are just learning then you’ll need the correct environment to progress as fast as possible.  Wakeboarding on the sea or in the harbour in less than ideal conditions will give you bad habits that become difficult to break. You also need the best facilities.

We will start you off with some dry land instruction before starting on the training boom. We’ll then put you on the short line before progressing to the long line. We have British Water Ski instructors to teach you (included in the cost of a tow) and some of the best wakeboarders in the area to give you excellent tips and advice. You will soon be itching to start trying some aerial moves – that’s when the fun, and addiction, starts.  If you are more experienced you will know the importance of the above and will be looking for the advantages of a proper wakeboard club. Our  Centurion Ri217 Wakeboard and wakesurf boat runs with the Zero Off speed control system so your speed will be spot-on every time. The boat also has a sophisticated ballast system to change th size and shape of the wakes.

So if you are serious about your wakeboarding we are the only place to come

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